In Mesopotamia, Gods and goddesses signifying nature and natural events that were mainly worshipped by the city-states of Mesopotamia.

The gods and goddesses were as the supreme controllers of law, weather, and fertility. The priests attained divine power by marrying the priestesses of the gods. The most worshipped gods were the god of storm and earth, the god of sky, the god of water, the sun god, the moon god and others, when we compare with Egypt, Egyptians also worshipped nature in the form of gods and goddesses. The name of the king of gods was Amen or Amon.

According to the Israel, it is completely dependent upon the Hebrew Bible, It is a holy book and text written from many hundreds of years and biblical legends cannot be assumed. When we contrast with the humanity and society, the social differences were enormous. I.e. the difference in societal difference of women between Mesopotamia.

It is concluded that women were assumed more importance in Egyptian society and goddesses through much of religious pantheon. To stabilize the Egyptian monarchy, women of the upper class were important and were treated with respect which wasn’t found the case in Mesopotamian.

From the reference of women, In Israelite, Women were really appreciated and valued, but their work was obviously never done in history. Even though, According to the Hebrew Bible, a male amended work, exposes in society dominated by men. Another example is slaves. In Mesopotamians, Slaves were barren from any rights and they worked for priests, kings and other Mesopotamians

All in all, having one god and many god is definitely not the same, is a person who has eyesight and a blind person the same? Furthermore, saying having more God’s is better in any shape way or form is based on ignorance. Many gods or goddesses as some belief is a hoax. To attribute gender, which is something god created and gave his creation to him, the creator is not logical. Humans can only know about god what god has revealed to himself to them. Having many gods whom are all knowing all powerful, capable of everything will never result in order; what if one god decides to something against another god? Will there be war between gods? This is not sound reason. God, the creator, is one and only. He is the creator and all other than him is his creation.