The “internet” is arguably something new. It’s something that we were born into but those who are older than us and people who occupied this earth before us have never experienced something like of the sort. Since the beginning of time, there hasn’t been a civilization on earth who have reached such advancement. We can have access to fast, reliable, and unlimited information. With a push of a button we can and communicate with any of our friends or family. Hence, we are living in a different world than before. Using the “internet” changed the way we think and the way we perceive information. There is more than one reason for that change but in this essay we will only discuss three of the main reasons. For all ages, service and products, and the vast amount of information are the three most important elements. The change is still new.

“Today, starting in elementary school, students use e-mail, word processing, computer simulations, virtual communities, and PowerPoint software. In the process, they are learning new ways to think about what it means to know and understand.” (Turkle 326)

One of the first crucial factors is age. The end users consists of children, adults, and elders. One thing in common from the smallest shops to the biggest corporations in the world is the internet. Hence, it’s not only everywhere it’s for everybody. I remember when I used to connect to the internet using the phone cable. Those beeping sounds are unforgettable. I used to tell my father about the puzzles and the facts that I learn from the internet. Since I get all my fact from the internet my father used to be so sarcastic about it, saying things like “Net this Net that, you and your internet”. Let me tell you that my father is not that young, meaning that he lived most of his life without the internet not the other way around like us. Nevertheless, he had to learn more about this World Wide Web and how it works. Keep in mind that my father didn’t like change. That’s why he didn’t accept it at first but eventually, he had to go with the flow. Now my father recommends websites to me and to the whole family. Now that I mentioned my father whom I used as an example, let me on the other hand mention my youngest sister. Of course, she has her own IPad and her own Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat account. She knows more about computing and the “internet” in general than everybody in my house. She relies on it and puts it as something fundamental in her social and personal life.

Another important factor is services and products. When we want to buy stuff or sell stuff we are more likely to use the internet. A proof of that is (Amazon) it is now the largest internet retailer in the world with over 270 million active customer accounts. Also, in almost every big retailer business there is a website and a way for a customer to order stuff online. Why? Because that’s the future. Personally, as a college student I use the internet as a way to buy stuff more than anything else. I latterly buy everything from the internet with exception of groceries. Not to mention that there is websites that provide delivering groceries as a services. We are not going to go into the details of why it became this way but we can probably find more than 10 good reasons that differ.

Last but not least, the huge amount of data that we now have. The vast information storage capacity that we have is unbelievable. Our contact information, our credit card and bank information, our photos and videos, and much more. With a click of a button a full report about each and every one of us “an end user” is available. Every organization on the face of the planet and us as individuals and customers are part of this. Businesses use the internet to get what they want and more as we do the same. They can create reports and statistics about their customers and we can have unlimited access and convenience. It is so detailed to the point where when we want to navigate a website, the people who created the website can find out if we pointed at something with our mouse but didn’t click it. Why didn’t the customer click on the item? That’s why nobody can say business should not use the “internet” or take full advantage of it.

All in all, if we are so dependent on the “internet” and we make it part of our everyday life. If that is truly the case, then we can’t say that it didn’t change us and it didn’t change the way we think. It is part of our lifestyle, it’s a necessity. Not having access to it changes our reality and makes us disconnected to the world. Without it we feel like we are outcastes. We can admit that there is now virtual societies and virtual realities as an extent of the internet. As the technology author Nicholas Carr said “Never has a communications system played so many roles in our lives or exerted such broad influence over our thoughts as the internet does today. Yet, for all that’s been written about the Net, there’s been little consideration of how, exactly, it’s reprogramming us. The Net’s intellectual ethic remains obscure.” (Carr 336) We took the World Wide Web (www) and the “internet” to the next level. As we changed the internet, the internet changed us.