The Quran is the miraculous literal word of god [Allah – الله] that was revealed on prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him – صل الله عليه و سلم].

This was revealed +1400 years ago as a light and illumination in a time of darkness. Not to mention, that the knowledge at the time couldn’t have produced such a thing as a lot of the spread knowledge contradicted what was revealed in the Quran or was unknown.

These are some of the signs in the Quran that has been confirmed by 21 century knowledge. Before the invention of the telescope or microscope, the Quran made claims that are impossible to be noticed.

With respect to the holy Quran never changing its position. Hence, there was a time when science didn’t confirm with the Quran. However, today, science aligns with the holy Quran in what it says.

Last but not least, a numerical sign, in a time where computer did not exist the Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years. Thus, it is not possible to keep track of everything being said, as its 114 chapters and 6,236 verses.


This post is a collection of other people’s effort in making these pictures may god reward them for their work.